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Basement Waterproofing

Basements can be the scariest place in the house. It is even scarier with moldy walls, damp air, and leaking floors. Unfortunately, a wet basement is means trouble. The longer you delay in revamping it, the more serious the damage. For this reason, our basement waterproofing contractors are here to fix the problem. Our basement waterproofing offices are open 24-hours daily. So, you can contact us at any time for emergency services. Our basement waterproofing cost per linear foot is affordable. Moreover, the materials we use for repair are proven and durable. We guarantee you longterm waterproof solutions.

If you suspect your basement is in a bad condition, call us. We offer free in-home estimates for everyone. Furthermore, we have discount rates for veterans, seniors and first responders. With this in mind, feel free to schedule an appointment with us.

Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Are you looking for professional contractors? We have them right here. Our contractors have licenses and permits for basement waterproofing. They have undergone extensive training in building construction. So, you can be confident that your basement is in the hands of experts. We ensure our basement waterproofing contractors have insurance. Furthermore, our team of experts is fully equipped with the best technology. Modern machinery reduces manual labor and debris. We also use protective floor and wall coverings to protect areas that don’t need waterproofing.

The basement waterproofing process is done with minimal noise. As a result, you remain cozy in your home as we work. We ensure our client’s projects are completed in time. Also, our contractors are fast and reliable in emergency cases. Thus, you can count our quick response to urgent calls. Our waterproofing contractors are open to fixing basements in North Carolina homes.

Basement Waterproofing North Carolina

basement waterproofing winston salem nc

North Carolina’s rainy seasons are tough on leaking basements. The running water seeps into your house making it wet. We provide long-term fixes for seeping floors and leaking walls. Whether it is concrete or brick base, the basement waterproofing contractors at Affordable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can fix it. Our basement waterproofing contractors can use complex or simple methods. It all depends on the extent of water damage. Do-it-yourself waterproofing is not safe or reliable. Therefore, call our contractors to repair your basement properly. Additionally, we include external and internal waterproofing options. The waterproofing is cost-effective per linear foot. Most importantly, the materials we use in proofing are strong and durable. The best thing about us is that we keep you informed all throughout the process. Also, our projects are done within our scheduled working hours. For more discussion on waterproofing basements in NC, contact us today.

Basement Waterproofing Cost Per Linear Foot

basement waterproofing cost per linear foot lexington nc

The cost per linear foot of waterproofing basement depends on the damage. It also relies on the type of foundation in your home. Consequently, it is easier to repair concrete floors than stone and brick basements. Thus, the cost is higher for stones bases. Exterior waterproofing cost more per linear foot than sealing and plastering basements. However, interior waterproofing is a low-cost option. Contractors exclusively conduct the interior repair if there is no other way to perform an exterior waterproofing.

In short, our cost of basement waterproofing in NC  is fair. Other things like labor, french drains, gutter clean-up, and sump pump install, all affects the cost. Contact us for more details about our waterproofing services. Furthermore, our staff is on call 24-hours a day. So, any queries you may have on our pricing structure will be quickly answered. Our waterproofing contractors are available for home inspections. Before the start of a project, you can ask for a quote.

For information on crawl space waterproofing, please see our Crawl Space Waterproofing page.

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