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There may be more than one foundation repair contractor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair is the only family-run operation with more than sixty years of stellar service. Our longevity in the business and 100% satisfaction guarantee make us the go-to source for foundation repair for property owners across the Triad area.

Our contractors know the ins and outs of home foundation design and property infrastructure in and around Winston-Salem. This insight makes us uniquely qualified to solve a myriad of foundation repair problems, including:

We don’t just think that we’re one of the best foundation repair companies near Winston-Salem, NC, we know we are. Thousands of homeowners in Forsyth County and elsewhere in the Triad area have turned to us for house foundation services they can trust– and we never disappoint. You can look to our licensed and insured foundation repair contractors for all your foundation needs!

What Does Foundation Repair Involve?

Foundation repair experts with more than 60 years of knowledge and experience. We fix and seal cracks in foundations, floors and walls.

In our experience as one of the top-rated foundation repair companies in Winston-Salem, we know that when maintained properly, a North Carolina home can last a century. Unfortunately, many Winston-Salem homeowners move into houses that develop problems over the years due to the climate, landscape, and critters. 

Our foundation repair experts have a deep knowledge of our area’s landscape and a keen understanding of how the climate affects home-building materials.

Thus, when our contractors set out to perform foundation repairs, we don’t just patch up existing problems but instead take time to weed out the underlying causes of the problems, ensuring that our repairs completely and permanently fix things. In our eyes, as one of the leading foundation companies near Winston-Salem, a cracked foundation or tilting wall isn’t just something to fix. It’s an issue to explore. 

Given the expertise our foundation repair company has about the factors that cause damage, our services generally proceed as follows:

We Perform an Initial In-Home Assessment

Much of our initial assessment comes by way of a free estimate that a foundation contractor performs before taking on any new project. During that free in-home estimate appointment, we perform a detailed foundation inspection in which our contractors assess the structural integrity of your Winston-Salem house. 

In doing so, we check for foundation damage that the owner may have missed, including potentially harmful expansive soils and improperly aligned drainage systems, as these often go unnoticed. We also look for any early signs of structural damage that could potentially pose a problem down the road. 

The estimate process is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of the entire foundation repair process, so we ensure it’s done right. Once the inspection is complete, we provide the estimate for Piedmont foundation services in a clear, concise, and understandable way so you’ll fully understand the extent of the work we plan to perform on your Winston-Salem home.

We Get Your Foundation Repairs Underway

Once you’ve committed to moving forward with your foundation repair project, we secure all necessary materials and schedule a time that’s convenient for you for us to perform our work. 

The steps that comprise our process for carrying out foundation repair services near Winston-Salem include: 

  • Step #1: Preparing for the foundation repair job: Moving plants, furniture, and debris around the home’s exterior is necessary so that they don’t interfere with us digging holes or lifting your home. 
  • Step #2: Digging holes in preparation for lifting your home: Our foundation contractors dig holes around your home to identify where utilities are (so as not to affect them) and to facilitate the repair of your house’s foundation. 
  • Step #3: Lifting the home’s foundation: We utilize either steel on concrete piers or steel shims around the exterior of your Winston-Salem home to stabilize it and aid our hydraulic jacks in lifting your property off its foundation. It’s sometimes necessary to also place these piers inside your home to facilitate this home lifting process.
  • Step #4: Filling in holes and restoring your home’s curb appeal: Once we’ve lifted your Forsyth County home successfully, we can finally fill in the holes we dug with the original soil and restore plants and other items to their original location around your home. 

We routinely get asked how long foundation repairs take. Once our foundation repair contractors near Winston-Salem get going, their work generally takes between one and three days from start to finish to complete your project. However, the process is often shorter for many. It can be longer in the rare instance previously unidentified structural integrity issues are identified during the lifting process.

We feel that it’s important for you to know that we take pride in knowing that our Piedmont foundation services provide solutions, not just temporary fixes for long-lasting problems. As one of the top-rated foundation repair companies in Winston-Salem, we employ many of the same detailed, precision-oriented practices that structural engineers use in planning a building whenever we work on any customer’s home. That pride in our craft and workmanship has been instrumental in helping us become and remain Winston-Salem’s best foundation repair service for all these years.

What Makes Our Foundation Repair Services Near Winston-Salem Different

We’ve already shared many of the attributes that set us apart from other foundation repair companies in the area. One which we haven’t yet discussed is our contractors’ expertise.

Our Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Contractors Near Winston-Salem Are Locals

Our foundation repair contractors aren’t just contractors. They’re experts in the topography of the land, the layout of the homes, and the materials most often used in the foundation of North Carolina homes specifically. That’s because our contractors are local. Not only do we know the areas we service– we live in them. This makes us uniquely qualified to repair your home’s foundation in a way that complements its structure, layout, and even other characteristics, like surrounding landscaping and the presence of expansive soils.

Our Foundation Repair Team Is Licensed and Fully Insured

Each foundation repair contractor on our team is fully insured and licensed– meaning in the incredibly unlikely event of an accident on your property, you won’t have to worry about the added stress of uninsured workers. We also use the highest-grade tools, sourced from quality, highly-ranked providers around the nation, and only build and operate in cities where we have permits.

Some other details we like customers to know about our Winston-Salem foundation repair business include:

  • Performing quality work safely is a high priority for us: While each foundation repair project may be slightly different, we always commit ourselves to two things; performing quality work and ensuring safety above all. Whether it’s a foundation wall that needs crack repair, a concrete slab that needs stabilization, or there is a completely cracked foundation or sagging concrete walls, we’ll always deliver the best foundation work as safely as possible.
  • We pay keen attention to detail: This shows in the time and dedication our foundation contractors dedicate to every project. Our Winston-Salem foundation repair business is wholly committed to our customers at every step of the process, from the initial in-home estimate, even after we complete your project.
  • We’re open 24/7 for urgent needs: We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to accommodate concerns from property owners who may not be able to wait until the next day– because we believe that our clients’ emergencies should be prioritized. 
  • We are professionals and uphold high customer service standards: We are punctual, honest, competent, and attentive to our customers’ needs. Our goal is to give our customers the confidence that the foundation service they receive from us truly is second to none. Simply put, we treat our clients’ homes with the care, respect, and attention we’d want in our own homes. 

In short, our team strives to go above and beyond what’s expected of us. Our repairs focus on increasing the structural integrity of a Winston-Salem home’s foundation systems. All foundation services we offer exude top-notch workmanship. Each client can be confident that their work will be done by an expert foundation contractor that holds his craft to the highest standards.

While others consider foundation repair a job, we see it as our passion. To us, there’s nothing more rewarding than solving a problem that our clients trust us to solve. We go the extra mile– no matter if the foundation problem is as simple as basement drainage or water damage or as involved as crawl space encapsulation or bowing walls. 

How We Price Our Foundation Repair Services

The foundation repair pricing process here at Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair starts with an inspection and a free estimate as described above. Performing a foundation inspection allows us to assess foundation issues and provide you with a competitive, all-inclusive price quote so there are no surprises down the line. 

We deliver all quotes via written estimates, with an emphasis on clarity and detail. The way we see it, first-rate foundation repair doesn’t come cheap– but that doesn’t mean pricing can’t be fair. For over sixty years, we’ve made every effort to keep our prices for foundation repair as reasonable as possible while never sacrificing quality, safety, or timeliness.

As one of the best foundation repair companies near Winston-Salem, NC, we price our services competitively. Pricing for foundation repair is estimated based on a number of factors, such as: 

  • The size of your home or property: Larger structures will typically be more expensive than smaller ones, depending on the material used in the construction of the foundation floor, the foundation walls, and any crawl space. 
  • The nature of your existing foundation: Winston-Salem homes with a deep foundation will require more manpower, often leading to an increase in cost. 
  • Foundation upgrades: If you ask our foundation contractors to perform upgrades throughout the foundation repair process, they, too, factor into the total price.

One of the things our foundation repair experts pride ourselves on here at Affordable Waterproofing & Repair is providing quality, timely services designed to nurse your home or property back into top shape. That said, every price estimate we provide our clients includes:

  • Only the best in quality building materials
  • The use of products that are under warranty
  • Expert work performed by foundation repair contractors near Winston-Salem that have years of experience in the industry

We’re one of a few foundation companies near Winston-Salem that believe your home is your castle, and we feel it’s our duty to treat it as such.

Upon request, we also provide a service cost breakdown that helps you understand exactly why certain components of the foundation repair process are priced the way they are. Over the years, we’ve learned that the severity of many foundation problems, like foundation cracks and bowed, buckling, or bulging walls, often requires explanation, which we’re more than happy to provide. After all, transparency is the key to a successful client-contractor relationship!

Contact Us for Your Foundation Repair Needs in Winston-Salem

Complete your crawlspace encapsulation process by installing crawl space dehumidifiers to keep them dry.

As a local business that continues to scale even after decades of success around the Winston-Salem area, we’re always excited to take on new foundation repair customers and opportunities. With a host of services ranging from basement waterproofing and foundation drainage to structural repair, basement wall repair and all-purpose foundation inspection, we truly are the Triad’s premier option for quality, affordable, efficient foundation repair services. 

If you’re seeing foundation damage, such as cracks, bowed, sunken, or sagging walls, or sinking floors in your home foundation, basement walls, or basement floor, don’t wait until it’s too late. We have three generations of experience to pull from in offering you an expert opinion, so you can’t go wrong in reaching out to us for help with your Piedmont foundation services needs now. 

Our Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair team of expert-level specialists will provide you with a free in-home estimate. Timely foundation repair today could save you from costly structural repairs later on. Contact us today for a free foundation repair quote!

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