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Crawl Space Encapsulation Near Winston-Salem, NC

Crawl space moisture problems create a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, as well as a host of other issues in the area beneath your home. Inadequate humidity levels and poor air circulation can lead to moisture control issues that can affect crawl space air quality and, in turn, impair indoor air quality inside your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home.

Encapsulation entails the installation of a moisture barrier that seals off your crawl space from outside air, including mold and mildew, and also a wide range of environmental factors such as flooding and, consequently, water damage and potential dry rot of different structural elements such as floor joists. The vapor barrier installation that forms part of the crawl space encapsulation near Winston-Salem, NC is also effective at keeping pests from entering your home. Thus, you can expect the work crawl space contractors like ours at Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair to make your house:

  • More structurally sound
  • Energy efficient
  • Have improved air quality for a healthier home

Experience Expertise With Our Crawl Space Contractors in Winston-Salem, NC

There are likely many waterproofing crawl space companies near Winston-Salem; however, our crawl space vapor barrier installers are truly local experts. Why? You might ask. Our crawl space waterproofing Winston-Salem NC team has years of experience with professional crawl space encapsulation. Our contractors have expertise in doing the following in an existing crawl space, such as one with a dirt floor:

  • Fixing crawl space foundation or overall issues with your Winston-Salem home’s foundation
  • Installing a drainage system, such as a sump pump, to remove water from your home’s crawl space
  • Implementing strategies for regulating excess moisture buildup to prevent mold growth or performing mold remediation if necessary
  • Repairing crawl space walls that give way to air leaks that adversely affect your Forsyth County home’s energy efficiency (which helps you save money)
  • Installing crawl space vents, also known as foundation vents, to help prevent excess moisture buildup and reduce entry points that lead to pest infestations
  • Applying wall insulation, whether that involves us applying spray foam insulation or installing rigid foam board insulation to help improve energy efficiency
  • Encapsulating your crawl space (creating a sealed crawl space using vapor barriers)

No matter whether you’re looking to encapsulate your crawl space for the first time or you’re looking for foundation repair or replacement services for your already encapsulated crawl space, Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair can help.

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Steps in the Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation is like wrapping the crawl space in waterproof covers. To encapsulate a crawl space, the following steps must be followed:
  1. Performance of an initial crawl space inspection: Every crawl space waterproofing Winston-Salem NC project begins with our contractors conducting a standard home safety inspection. That safety inspection helps our experienced contractors discover the extent of your waterproofing issues and helps them determine the best way forward and better assess what the cost of crawl space encapsulation may be.
  2. Mold growth removal and crawl space dehumidifier installation: The first step is when our crawl space encapsulation pros clear away mold spores and accumulated fungi. The requisite installation of a dehumidifier in the damp crawl space isn’t hampered by this existing damage.
  3. Installation of a drainage system: Since the most common problem in a non-encapsulated crawl space is bad drainage, we take time to install a drainage pump that minimizes the chances of you having a wet crawl space. The type of drainage system used may vary depending on the crawl space size, among other factors.
  4. Replacement or installation of vapor barriers: Our team of foundation specialists replace existing, soggy vapor barriers when performing crawl space repair work in Winston-Salem.

5. Sealing of crawl space vapor barrier seams: When we seal the seams of your vapor barrier, it’s permanent. Hence, whatever the season, the humidity remains constant. Creating that airtight moisture barrier is the most complex aspect of this process, so we urge you not to do DIY crawl space encapsulation at your home.

What You Should Know About Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation

After draining and cleaning, it's time for crawlspace encapsulation. Affordable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair use the latest and safest foam insulation to make your crawlspace free from damp.

Crawl space dehumidifier installation is one of the most critical aspects of the encapsulation process. Why? It has to do with dehumidifiers serving as air dryers that protect wires, wood structures, and combustion appliances.

As long as you have dehumidifiers, your crawl space remains dry. To keep out water, our installers use crawl space vapor barriers. The crawl space vapor barrier installers ensure all vents are sealed, isolating the crawl space humidity from external influence.

We assure you of 100% ground coverage. Therefore, your crawl space stays damp-free by installing a combination of a drainage system and a dehumidifier in it. This means that your Winston-Salem home remains dry during rainy seasons. We simply use the current dehumidifiers to maintain low humidity.

All our machines have warranties. Therefore, our crawl space encapsulation services have guaranteed efficiency. As for the crawl space dehumidifier installation, our company is the best option for any homeowner in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost
in Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to encapsulated crawl spaces, North Carolina homeowners often second guess having any work done on their houses due to potential cost. The cost of a crawlspace encapsulation depends on a variety of factors, including:
  • The upgrades and materials used: The density of the vapor barrier, the number of layers, and the type of system our contractor uses affect cost. More complex encapsulation systems carry higher prices.
  • The size of your home’s crawl space being encapsulated: For example, large houses in Winston-Salem, NC use more labor and heavy-duty HVAC systems to waterproof or encapsulate them.
That’s why we schedule an in-home inspection to look at your home’s entire crawl space to see its condition before providing you with a price quote.

Encapsulating Crawl Spaces Enhances Quality of Life

We should note that it’s not uncommon for prospective clients to inquire about crawl space encapsulation worth. We often remind those potential customers that you can’t put a price on health and safety. Outdoor air mixing with a damp basement isn’t good. It leads to poor air quality that’s bad for your health. Professional crawl space encapsulation literally rids your home of foul odors and allows for fresh air to circulate in your home once again. Plus, encapsulation helps keep your floors and rooms warm in winter.Overall, our crawl space encapsulation cost is affordable and efficient.

Why We're the Best Among Waterproofing Crawl Space Companies Near Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, there is a lot to like. To begin with, we give free in-home estimates for crawl space encapsulation in Winston-Salem, NC, and the surrounding areas.Additionally, from our dehumidifiers or air conditioning machines to our labor, our focus is providing cost-efficient crawl space encapsulation service. Plus, we offer discounts to seniors, first responders, and veterans. It should also be noted that we have expert crawl space contractors with the finest skills. We only use durable, high-caliber machines when installing crawl space dehumidifiers or HVAC machines that are high quality and durable.Make your North Carolina home cozy. Hire the finest contractors in the Triad — Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair!

Where Does Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Provide Encapsulated Crawl Space Services?

Our Winston-Salem, NC crawl space encapsulation company provides service to all parts of our city, whether you live in Arcadia, West Oaks, South Fork, Mount Tabor, Ardmore, Williamsburg Square, Atwood Acres, Old Town, Sherwood Forest, West Highlands, Stanleyville, Olde Vineyard, West Salem, Waughtown, or anywhere near and in between in Forsyth County.

While we perform crawl space encapsulation near Winston-Salem, we also provide the same service in neighboring cities in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, including Greensboro, High Point, Yadkinville, Lexington, Burlington, Mount Airy, North Wilkesboro, and Asheboro. We even have crawl space contractors in southern Virginia. To this end, our Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair company services Stuart, Danville, and Martinsville, VA.

Let us show you what it’s like receiving help from a waterproofing and foundation repair company with three generations of experience in encapsulation, waterproofing, and foundation repair. Give us a call or email us to discuss your crawl space encapsulation needs and schedule your free inspection by clicking the button below.

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