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Cracked and damaged foundations are frustrating and can lead to further damage to your home if left unaddressed. Be it concrete, crawlspaces or stone and brick foundations, we’ve got you covered. Our foundation repair services are affordable and our payment plans are simple and clear. Call us for more information and to get a free estimate on the foundation repairs that your home needs.

Bowing walls in your basement are a time-sensitive repair – the longer you wait to address bowing walls, the more damage will potentially be done to your home as the walls continue to push out from their natural shape.  This can cause cracks to appear throughout the house as the basement walls no longer support the upper stories properly.  Call us to get a free estimate to fix bowing walls and cracks.

We know waterproofing, and we know what it takes to waterproof homes in the North Carolina climate. Here at Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we’ve been providing waterproofing services to homeowners for over sixty years. We specialize in basement waterproofing, french drain installation, basement drainage, and exterior waterproofing.  Call to get a free estimate today.

Here at Affordable Waterproofing & Repair, we also offer an extensive list of home waterproofing services that work in conjunction with our foundation repair service. Those services include bowing basement wall repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation waterproofing, low-cost cracked basement wall repair, and much more. Again, with all of our services, we place a premium on quality, timely work, safe construction, and affordability!

Foundation repair and waterproofing professionals committed to providing quality work for property owners in the greater Greensboro Triad area.

For many property owners, having a foundation that needs repair can be more of a headache than they’ve bargained for. Luckily, the licensed and insured foundation repair experts here at Affordable Waterproofing & Repair have over sixty years of experience providing foundation solutions for any kind of foundation quickly, safely, and effectively! With our team on your side, your foundation problems will be a thing of the past.

Simply put, our foundation repair experts are among the best in North Carolina, and it’s not just because of our extensive experience in the foundation repair industry. To us, quality foundation repair services start with the things that many companies overlook– like attention to detail and a commitment to open communication. Be it stone, brickwork, a concrete foundation, or any other building material, we’re not just repairing foundation damage. We’re helping you secure, maintain, and protect your home for years to come!

Our foundation repair pricing.

The foundation repair pricing process here at Affordable Waterproofing & Repair starts with a foundation inspection and a free estimate designed to assess foundation issues and provide you with a competitive, all-inclusive price quote. We deliver all quotes via written estimates, with an emphasis on clarity and detail. The way we see it, first-rate foundation repair doesn’t come cheap– but that doesn’t mean pricing can’t be fair. For over sixty years, we’ve made every effort to keep our prices for foundation repair as reasonable as possible, while never sacrificing quality, safety, or timeliness.

Pricing for foundation repair through one of our foundation repair experts is estimated based on a number of factors. The size of your home or property is one such factor. Larger structures will typically be more expensive than smaller ones, depending on the material used in construction of the foundation floor, the foundation walls, and any crawl space. Additionally, homes with a deep foundation will require more manpower, often leading to an increase in cost. If you ask our foundation contractors to perform upgrades throughout the foundation repair process, they, too, factor into the total price.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Affordable Waterproofing & Repair is providing quality, timely services designed to nurse your home or property back into top shape. That being said, every price estimate we provide our clients with includes only the best in quality building materials, products that are in warranty, and expert work performed by foundation repair contractors with years of experience in the industry. Your home is your castle, and we feel it’s our duty to treat it as such.

Upon request, we also provide a service cost breakdown that helps our clients understand exactly why certain components of the foundation repair process cost what they do. Over the years, we’ve learned that the severity of many foundation problems, like foundation cracks and bowed, buckling, or bulging walls, often requires explanation, which we’re more than happy to give. Transparency is the key to a successful client-contractor relationship!

What makes our foundation repair process different?

Our foundation repair contractors aren’t just contractors. They’re experts in the topography of the land, the layout of the homes, and the materials most often used in the foundation of North Carolina homes specifically. That’s because our contractors are local. Not only do we know the areas we service– we live in them. This makes us uniquely qualified to repair your home’s foundation in a way that complements its structure, layout, and even other characteristics, like surrounding landscaping and the presence of expansive soils. Where another foundation company may attempt to repair a home’s foundation with the same cookie cutter formula it employs everywhere else, all of the foundation work we deliver has been tailored to the characteristics of the individual home. Foundations aren’t all one and the same. That means the foundation repair process shouldn’t be, either.

Additionally, each foundation repair contractor on our team is fully insured and licensed– meaning in the incredibly unlikely event of an accident on your property, you won’t have to worry about the added stress of uninsured workers. We also use the highest grade tools, sourced from quality, highly-ranked providers around the nation, and only build and operate in cities where we have permits.

Our team strives to go above and beyond what’s expected of us. Our repairs focus on increasing the structural integrity of a home’s foundation systems, and all foundation services we offer exude top notch workmanship. Each client can be confident that their work will be done by an expert foundation contractor that holds his craft to the highest standards.

In short, our foundation repair process is different in that we commit ourselves to two things: quality work, and safety above all. Whether it’s a foundation wall that needs crack repair, a concrete slab that needs stabilization, a completely cracked foundation, or sagging concrete walls, we’ll always deliver the best foundation work as safely as possible.