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When a rainy day turns your yard into a soggy swamp, it is a sign you likely have a serious drainage problem. If you find yourself with standing water that just won’t go away after a rainstorm, our team at Affordable Waterproofing can help you drain the unwanted swamp. Our yard drainage contractors specialize in developing personalized and efficient yard drainage systems that keep your property dry and well-protected against excess water and its damaging effects. We can tackle the challenges of landscape drainage, foundation waterproofing, and everything in between. The longer standing water sits on your lawn, the more time it has to find its way into your home, which is why we fight to eliminate pooling water, erosion issues and other water-related problems as soon as possible.

Why You Need An Effective Drainage System

In many cases, landscapers and contractors will use trenching, backhoes, excavators, shovels and PVC or corrugated pipes to install underground drainage systems to carry water away from foundations. When this does not happen, surface water drainage issues like flooding, ponding, and erosion can be mitigated by installing drainage pipes, French drains, catch basins, sump pumps, swales and other drainage systems. 

A well-crafted drainage system is vital to secure the health and stability of your yard. With proper drainage, you can combat excess moisture and stop it from causing considerable damage to your landscape, basement, foundation, and eroding soil. We understand the delicate water cycle of rainfall, runoff and groundwater, and that inadequate drainage can make even the smallest slope into a deep water accumulation zone. If your yard sounds like this, our experts can help you design and implement a custom-tailored drainage solution to ensure the water flows away from your home.

One of the most popular drainage systems we offer for drainage problems is the French drain system. This proven drainage system involves digging a shallow trench and installing a perforated pipe in it, which is surrounded by gravel. This way, the underground pipe can collect the pooling water and direct it away from your property and avoid any flooding and water seepage. We can position your French drainage installation to intercept surface water and rainwater runoff before it finds its way into your home.

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Our Yard Drainage Solution Process

Fix, repair and seal water damaged foundations. Affordable Waterproofing services include the erradication of mold and mildew, repairing foundation cracks and French drain system installation.

When you reach out to us, one of the first things our team will do is conduct a meticulous assessment of your topography, soil type and current drainage issues. By taking in factors like slope, soil erosion and water table levels, we can recommend the most suitable drainage system. Whether you need a French drain, catch basin or a combination of several drainage options, we can keep your yard dry and secure. 

We are so dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions to clients throughout North Carolina, that we do not stop at just drainage solutions. We also offer drainage pipe maintenance and repair. Clogged drains, gutters and downspouts can also result in infiltration and seepage into basements, cause erosion, flooded yards and damage to foundations and landscapes. When debris, clogs and invasive tree roots damage the efficiency of your drainage system over time, our team of yard drainage contractors can perform the necessary drainage pipe repairs to keep things working properly.

Let Us Keep Your Yard Dry

Exterior basement waterproofing by Affordable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. Prevent water from entering and causing damage to your basement and home.

When you are ready to say goodbye to the days of looking at a backyard swamp after a rainstorm, contact us. Whether you are dealing with unsightly puddles or considerable water accumulation, we are here to provide you with excellent drainage solutions that will stand the test of time. Do not let water issues damage your foundation, landscaping, or property value by ignoring the issue. Instead, contact us here and schedule a consultation and take the first step to a dry and well-maintained property.

To us, yard drainage is not just about removing water, it is about defending the integrity of your home for the foreseeable future. We are ready to create a drainage system that meets your unique needs, so request a quote now and learn about our drainage services for yourself.

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