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Do you need trustworthy contractors who know what they are doing? At Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we’ve got them. Our waterproofing contractors have many years of training and experience. They are thoroughly vetted for this job. Therefore, they qualify to waterproof homes. Moreover, our basement waterproofing contractors are professionals and courteous. They keep to your schedule and finish projects before deadlines. They are the best in North Carolina. Our company offers foundation waterproofing and repair for Greensboro, NC houses. Our customer care staff are on-call 24-hours a day. So, it should not be a hassle to find us. Visit our offices to know more about our services and contractors.

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Before the start of a project, we conduct on-site check-ups. The check-up aids our team to examine your home. Our estimates are free and are delivered in time. Furthermore, our basement waterproofing contractors are great timekeepers. They arrive early and complete projects within the agreed time frame. Also, our waterproofing contractors have all the equipment for the job. So, once they arrive, they go straight to work. As a company that values clients, we respect your privacy. Our basement waterproofing contractors only work in the allotted area. Hence, do not worry about our teams moving around your home. Additionally, our waterproofing contractors are insured. Our company takes the safety of our personnel very seriously.

Besides, our contractors are experts in foundation waterproofing. They can work on all types of foundations. Whether it is concrete or stone base, they can fix it. Our foundation repair services are the best in Greensboro, NC. We have more than sixty years in foundation waterproofing. That is why our basement waterproofing contractors have high ratings.

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In the event your foundation is cracking or damp, call us. Our customer care is on-call 24-hours weekly. The foundation of a home is very delicate. Once it cracks or becomes wet, it needs urgent repair. Our basement waterproof contractors repair home foundations. We are familiar with the common foundation issues. For example, bowing walls, sloping floors, and gaps in the foundation. Our contractors use various options for foundation waterproofing. There is crawl space encapsulation, French drain installation or exterior waterproofing. Each solution is customized according to your home. The options we provide are selected carefully. Also, we apply current technology in foundation waterproofing. Due to this, our work has minimal noise pollution. Plus, the debris is negligible. The methods we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic. As a result, our foundation repair for homes in Greensboro, NC is dependable. All our waterproofing contractors are competent. We work to maintain your home value. Likewise, waterproofing your foundation keeps your family safe. There will be no mold or cold floors during winter.

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A home is one of the greatest investments you can own. If your foundation needs repair, the outside and inside walls have cracks. When you see this, call us. We not only offer quick solutions but also working plans. Foundation waterproofing can be interior or exterior. The option that our waterproofing contractors choose depends on the level of damage. Furthermore, the equipment we use is strong and durable. In fact, all our products are industry standard. They come with a lifetime warranty. Thus, our services are reliable and consistent. Our foundation repair contracts are available in Greensboro, NC. Most of all, veterans, first responders and seniors get to enjoy service discounts. Our in-home estimates are free and delivery is in time.

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