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As a homeowner, the last thing you want to find in your basement wall is foundation damage, cracks, or seepage. Leaky basement walls can quickly become a threat to your foundation’s leveling and stabilization. Before you try to take on any structural repair on your own, let an experienced foundation inspection team handle your basement and wall repair needs. Thankfully, you have already found one of the best foundation companies near Winston-Salem, NC.

When you meet with Affordable Waterproofing’s foundation specialist team, you are meeting with a team of highly experienced professionals that are ready to provide the Winston-Salem NC area with the foundation repair and waterproofing services they need. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project that we take, and we never take shortcuts in our work. You can depend on us to provide effective solutions for your unique needs as your foundation specialists, as we are committed to providing your home with structural integrity and longevity. We understand how important it is to have a solid foundation in your home, which is why we go the extra mile to provide you with custom-tailored services for your needs.

How We Protect Your Foundation

One of the primary services that we offer is foundation repair. If you feel like the foundation of your home has become cracked or started bowing, sinking, leaking, sloping, flooding, buckling, sagging, or bulging, our skilled foundation repair contractors are here to address these problems with swift and reliable repair service. Our team can stabilize your home’s concrete foundation while combating any other home foundation problems you may be experiencing. Our goal as your foundation specialist is to complete any projects that need to be addressed with as little time and inconvenience on your home and family as possible.

Keep Your Home Dry and Protected

house foundation wall repair and renovation
A damp or leaky foundation, crawl space or basement foundation creates a prime environment for mold and damage to find their way into your home. Our basement waterproofing services, including drainage systems and sump pumps, can help you overcome even the most challenging waterproofing needs. Our team is here to give you peace of mind knowing that you have done what is necessary to protect your home for years to come by shielding your foundation from any disaster that unwanted moisture may bring.

Protecting Structural Integrity Starts at the Bottom

Due to the cramped and narrow design of a crawl space, it can be difficult to conduct any kind of crawl space repair on your own. Our services can help you address issues like uneven floors, bowing crawl space foundations, and dampness. Through our thorough crawl space encapsulation services, we can establish a moisture-free environment that continually protects the integrity of your home. We are prepared to make our way to even the most narrow corners of your home to establish the defense your family deserves.
Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Do Not Overlook Your Home's Needs

Homeowners need to be constantly on the lookout for signs of damage in their foundation walls for any foundation cracks or damage. If you suspect you see any kind of damage in a concrete slab foundation or basement walls, do not wait to contact a foundation contractor you can trust. Our foundation repair services can help waterproof basement walls, repair any cracked foundation walls and concrete slabs, and address any other foundation issues you may be experiencing. 

Whether you know your common foundation needs our attention, or you just want to be sure you do not have a foundation failure, contact a foundation inspector near Winston-Salem, North Carolina today and schedule your free estimate to have us inspect your home properly. We take deep pride in providing our clients with services to maximize customer satisfaction with our foundation solutions. Allow us to be your partner in protecting the structural integrity of your home today with a free quote. We stand ready to serve you with courteous and professional service and provide your home with nothing but the best in terms of foundation specialist services.

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