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A damp and slippery basement floor is a horrific sight. The leaking pipes and tanks can cause damage. Dampness causes cracked walls, ruins your crawlspace and can be a sign of water intrusion or seepage. A musty basement or a wet basement can lead to a need for mold remediation or mold removal. Damaged concrete can promote nasty mold or mildew buildup. All of these issues pose a health risk and safety hazard. Additionally, when your basement foundation or foundation walls are not stable, your house really can crumble down at any moment. These problems, in short, are why our waterproofing service exists. Along with providing services like crawl space repair, encapsulation, sump pump installation and more, our overall waterproofing cost is conservative and straightforward, which is much different than most waterproofing companies. Furthermore, our waterproofing contractors in Greensboro, NC have certifications and permits from the state. We have more than sixty years of service in both interior and exterior waterproofing, for both residential and commercial properties. From fixing water pipes to replacing an entire basement waterproofing system, our services are professionally done. The contractors are exact and sure in their work. With us, you are guaranteed long-term fixes for your water and foundation problems.

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Legitimate waterproofing contractors in Greensboro, NC are hard to find. Sadly, there are cheap repair services that do not deliver good results. Unlike them, we exclusively deliver what we promise. Our waterproofing company is the real deal, and controlling water damage is what we do. Furthermore, our waterproofing cost is very affordable. We are certified to work in residences throughout the state. In addition to this, our team of contractors is diligent and great timekeepers. They arrive on time and finish projects within the given timeline. For the purpose of quality, our waterproofing company uses appliances and waterproofing products with warranties. This is to make sure what we install or replace remains in its best state.

Moreover, our contractors are available to fix any basement or crawlspace waterproofing snag that arises after service. We advise our clients not to rely on a cheap, store-bought sealant if possible. Unfortunately, sealants don’t fix the problem but make things worse and can even lead to a need for structural repair later on. Our waterproofing company fixes damage for good. Our offices are open 24-hours daily. Hence, you can set up an appointment with our waterproofing contractors in Greensboro, NC.

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We service both North Carolina and Virginia. Our services include dealing with standing water, installing a drainage system if needed, checking and fixing pump systems, foundation crack repair, and more, Our interstate services are always up to top-quality waterproofing standards. As a matter of fact, you get to enjoy great discounts on our services. We provide simple and straightforward contract agreements. As a waterproofing company servicing two states, we greatly value client trust. So, we do not overcharge or give dubious service. The waterproofing contracts are short and straight to the point. As a result, our clients can clearly understand what we provide. Even more, our waterproofing company has been in business for more than six decades. Therefore, we are here to stay and serve you. In those years, we have racked up numerous references. This makes us the finest waterproofing company in Greensboro, NC. We guarantee you 100% outstanding waterproofing service. No mistakes and no delays.

In North Carolina, we serve Winston-Salem, High Point, Yadkinville, Lexington, Burlington, Mount Airy, North Wilkesboro, and Asheboro. For Virginia locals, we service Stuart, Danville, and Martinsville.

Waterproofing Cost

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As a fact, temporary waterproofing solutions are costly. The constant upkeep and re-application require more and more money. This leaves you with one permanent solution: Affordable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair. As a basement waterproofing company that offers an extensive range of services, we have the resources and expertise to provide premium, long-lasting foundation solutions. Our foundation waterproofing contractors give free in-home estimates in Greensboro, NC, and will also conduct a free inspection before providing service.  Moreover, veterans, first responders, and seniors get discounts from our waterproofing company. So, do not miss out on this great chance!

Also, our waterproofing service is at a modest cost. The pricing is conservative without any hidden fees. Furthermore, the waterproofing cost depends on the type of service you need. We have specific and general waterproofing options for flood-prone residences, and for residences that may need specific drainage solutions. Our Greensboro, NC staff can help you choose which choice suits you best. Above all, our waterproofing contractors conduct these services with respect and consideration for your property. For waterproofing work that’s second to none, reach out to us today!

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